Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bellamy Blake vs Killian Jones

I am unashamed to admit that my heart is torn between two lovers. I place great emphasis on the word "unashamed."

While I deeply love and admire Captain Hook, who's roguish chivalry and feisty back talk simply makes me want to marry him on the spot...


Bellamy Blake has a certain kind of charm that could stop a heart and then restart it with just a glance.


I must confess that I have been forced between a rock and a hard place. I must decide which man I will marry and which I will cheat with: Killian Jones and Bellamy Blake

I think at the current moment, Killian is hands down, closer to husband material. But let me get through S3 of The 100 before I make a final decision on this is the rest of my life we are talking about and whoever I chose to cheat with will have to have the fortitude to do so. Killian has endured...well...death and I have high hopes for his return from the Underworld. Bellamy has endured...oh good Lord if you don't know the five million trials he's overcome than I don't know why you're reading this anyway.

Moving on. Lets talk the pros of these two gorgeous fictional men.

Bellamy Blake:

One major pro: hum......I want to be looked at this way-


He is unstoppable. Hello. his life source was spilling out his leg after Roan gouged him so rudely with a knife and yet he was full on beast mode, insistent on continuing after Clarke. I think he would've kept going until he bled to death had Monte and Kane not stopped them. Kane rarely ever says anything smart in my opinion...not letting Bell die was one time I had to side with him. Bless Monte, bless him.

He loves his sister. Not many brothers love their sister like he loves O.

He wouldn't let Clarke pull the lever in Mt Weather alone. When he said "lets do it together" he was so kind and sweet to her, I convinced myself that I wanted to be Clarke...right then and there as she was killing a zillion people.

Hes honorable. Sure he tried to assassinate Jaha...but it was for his sis! See two pros ago...

He is a natural leader.Seriously, Id trust him with my life...

I could make an endless list but these are some of the top pros!

Killian Jones:

He is undeniably charming. If any man knows how to treat a girl, its him. When he isn't his villain self...

Witty is an understatement. If I had the come-back skills of Captain Hook...I would never have an awkward silence, I would never lose a battle, and I would forever feel like Queen of the Castle.

Heartfelt. Mr. Pirate has a big heart for someone who likes to put on an air of pride and tough-guy. He truly cares about those he loves and he would do anything for them.

He oozes confidence. I hate the word ooze but it fits... The totally inappropriate things he likes to say to Emma all usually aiming to support one point or another regarding his epic-ness leaves me rolling in laughter and somewhat envious of his self-esteem.


What do both have in common? Think...think REALLY hard.
*Jeopardy Music cued*
They're gorgeous. Absolutley gorgeous.

So the choice is a difficult one. But until I make it, I am just going to sit here and watch this GIF over and over and over and..........


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