Saturday, January 30, 2016

Wanheda Pt. 1-2

Alright The 100 fans (you delinquents you!) I held my breath for nearly a year for S3- trust me, I was way past smurf blue by the time I got to sit down and watch Wanheda Pt. 1.

For those of you who might not have watched them yet, please leave if spoilers offend you. I don't like offending people, but it would be inevitable, and 100% your fault here.

Let us continue.

I would like to begin by sympathizing with Jasper (Boy With The Goggles)

He has been run through the ringer so much and my heart just breaks for him. Maya's death, while sadly unavoidable, was too low a blow. I honestly feel like Jason is really messing with his character too much. I hope to see a reformation in poor Jasper soon- this huge a break down is just out of character (or not well aligned with who he was when they landed on earth) and I miss his happy-go-lucky spirit.


So the commander of death. Cool. I mean it certainly is original, although the concept that if "Wanheda" is killed, her victor absorbs her power...thats a little too "Heroes" for me. I will admit, I was not a fan of the red hair. So when she took a dip in the river and the berry stain washed off, I sighed a breath of relief, glad to see good-old-Clarke back! Eliza's acting is on point as usual- I feel her performance, particularly when Bellamy (Bob Morley) came to her...failed....rescue, was just stunning.


I'll cut to the chase- IF Jason isn't laying the foundation for Bellarke Endgame, then someone NEEDS to tell Bob because his facial expressions...his entire acting! Whew, I had my Bellarke fix for the week and was completely left reassured in my steadfast trust that this slow and steady burn was is going to end in Mr. and Mrs. Bellamy Blake.

Lexa was a bit of a sideswipe. Is anyone else thinking "psychopath"??? I couldn't help but wonder why in the hell she would think Clarke ought to come to her/ join her/ idk WHAT with her when she betrayed Clarke so unforgivably at the end of S2 outside MT Weather. I mean, come on, lady! You lead armies and win battles, you can't be THAT stupid...or can she. The big question is, will Clarke forgive her?

I like Gena for Bellamy. I mean, Hardcore Bellark Fan here, but if I have to see him with a love interest on the path to Clarke, then Gena seems sweet from the brief bit I saw of her. Nylah is also cute, but I have this foreboding feeling that she has a death sentence already. Don't ask me why. I simply am predicting her death...

The City Of Lights is still a very vague premise and I believe that Jason and the Writers intend for it to be that way. I won't lie, so far, I am not hip on it, but thats only because pixel lady in the red dress gives me the serious creeps and if I were Murphy, I would run away from those weirdos who don't die but stand there squirting blood all over...just gross. I love Murphy but not that particular plot so far. As for Jaha...I miss sensible, good old Chancellor Jaha.

All in all, I am a HUGE fan of S3 and CANT wait until the next episode! Feel free to comment and let me know what YOU thought!

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