Thursday, February 4, 2016

Finding Octavia

I have always held a high appreciation for Octavia. I can't imagine spending 16 years living hidden under a floor simply because being a second child was illegal. And yet, to emerge from that as a vibrant, sassy girl is quite the accomplishment. And so throughout S1-S2 and these first few episodes of S3, we watch her find who she is, we watch her change into a strong, capable leader. She never truly belonged to or on the Ark simply because she wasn't allowed, welcomed, or for the most part, known of. And so it is no surprise that we watched her find herself and immerse into the ways and cultures of the Grounders on Earth. She finally found where she belongs. I am so excited to see how her character transforms even more in seasons to come.

Please enjoy this video of our beloved Octavia Blake

Octavia Blake

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